Lively is a savvy modern system that helps families address the needs of their older members sensitively.

The beautifully designed watch with emergency response button is everything you expect from a personal alarm. Clear and easy to use, you can summon help via a first rate care line with trained staff offering round the clock emergency help and reassurance. Yet Lively offers so much more.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the use of activity sensors. There are no cameras involved and they are designed to be completely unobtrusive. The number of times the fridge door opens is actually recorded and displayed on the dashboard. Users agree that it is not a case of micro managing; the sensors just help to build a picture of daily activity levels, so you can tell whether everything as normal or if perhaps its a good idea to call in. Of course, technically speaking, there is no way of knowing what was eaten from the fridge, but at least you can tell that mum, or dad, is up and about getting on with their day.

The Lively Home Safety System is user-friendly and in step with modern living. A great way to look out for your parents without cramping their style.