If you experience health problems that effect your sleep and mobility and may need care either now or in the future the Rygate carer bed is a fantastic option for both you and your carer.  Electric adjustable beds allow you to find your optimum position of comfort by allowing you to adjust the mattress beneath you to raise your feet, knees, head and shoulders to different levels. The adjustability of the Rygate carer bed is particularly useful if you are caring for a loved one, as it can be raised flat, allowing you to reach easily - you needn't worry about straining your back. The Rygate is a beautifully-crafted carer bed.   It comes on castors and with a soft, padded headboard in a matching fabric.  It has a medium firmness and an inbuilt memory foam topper - a great combination for comfort and support. The advanced strength base provides the larger user with the same smooth movement as the standard bed. The head-end inclines to a seated position which can help get you out of bed if you have restricted mobility.