Who'd have thought a simple thing such as boiling a kettle could help keep you in touch with your family! No cameras, no sensors, no fuss. Circumstances often mean we can't always be there when our loved ones need us, and not everyone like to ask for help. 3rings offers simple and practical assistance. It knows when an appliance has not been turned on at the usual time and it alerts you accordingly. Of course, very often there's absolutely no cause for concern. Perhaps mum's overslept or gone out unexpectedly. But it might just be that she's been taken ill  - with 3rings you know to check.<p><p>3rings is simple to set up - you just plug it in and turn it on. It works using a mobile phone connection so there's no Internet connection necessary. Best of all, the main user doesn't need to do a thing. After a short time they probably won't notice it's there - it blends right in.<p><p>As many family members as you like can be included on the 3rings account, so everyone can help. It's a straightforward and practical precautionary device for any family wanting to help their older relative live in comfort and security in their own home.