Even the most dedicated carer would find it difficult to be at your side 24/7 and you probably wouldn’t want them to be! The Carer Pager with Pendant Alarm is for all those occasions when you need help but there’s no one around. It’s ideal during the night when you need some assistance in getting to the bathroom. Or, should you fall in the garden, shower or anywhere out of earshot; you can get emergency help quickly. It also enables the carer to make the most of their time as it means that they can be in another room or get some sleep safe in the knowledge that they can be contacted in an emergency. It produces an altogether calmer and more productive household<p><p>Here the Pager and Pendant Alarm are coupled with Eldercare Centre Care. This means that, should your carer be unable to respond, the call will go straight through to Eldercare. They will get in touch via the two-way loudspeaker unit next to your phone. They can speak to you directly and call a friend, relative or the emergency services, as required.<p><p>As a carer, if you need to go out or you don’t actually live with your relative full time, there is still someone for them to call on. Equally if you don’t hear your pager, there’s a back up plan. This effective approach is ideal for busy families caring for their relatives at home.