A simple way to play your favourite music and audio books. CDs can be difficult, especially if you're blind or partially sighted. It's hard to see which CDs are which and the machines they play on are often not the most user friendly - just too many buttons! Boom Box has slimmed everything down. Put your choice of music onto a USB memory stick and plug it into the top of the Boom Box. The buttons are brightly coloured and textured, so they're easy to find and control. There are only four of them: on/off and volume, forward, back and skip. When there's no memory stick the Boom Box reverts to playing FM radio. Small, light and compact, it can be carried around in one hand and sits discreetly on its four rubber feet taking up very little space. Good to take with you on holiday, or for a hospital visit, as well as being ideal for a small sitting room or bedroom.