When you get your hands on a Mangna Ready Shirt the first thing you notice is how smart and crisp it looks, the second, how smooth and soft to the touch.  Made with 100% cotton and with a quality, tailored look, this is just the sort of thing you'd want to wear for a business meeting, out to dinner or to a wedding. Of course, the hidden bonus with Magna Ready Shirts is that they contain invisible magnetic fastenings that make "buttoning" easy, so if you suffer with reduced dexterity they make dressing quick and painless. There's no need even to touch the buttons - they're just for show. The shirts have been designed so that the collar can be left open to give a more casual look. As for the lower buttons, once fastened, they stay fastened, however much you stetch or move around. Not the shirt for Tom Jones wannabies - the magnets are so reliable that it's not physically possible to show off your hairy chest!