For over twenty-five years families have trusted Eldercare to give them the care and support they need when it matters most. Eldercare knows that, as we grow older, it’s so important to lead independent lives in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. When we’ve not been well, home always feels like the best place to be. To make it work all we need is the right sort of care, and this is where Eldercare steps in.  Whatever has been arranged, be it regular visits from family and friends, the support of professional carers or just being sure to take it easy, the Eldercare Pendant Alarm Service has a vital role to play.<p><p>The Eldercare Pendant Alarm Service can be a real lifeline when it comes to an emergency situation. If you fall or become unwell it’s often not possible to get to the phone, but the pendant can be worn all the time, even in the shower. Just press the button and try to relax, safe in the knowledge that an ambulance is on its way. There’s no need to get up or to try to speak to anyone.<p><p>Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you need medical help right now or if you’re just a little out of sorts. Perhaps you live alone or you’re newly bereaved so there’s no one to discuss your concerns with. Lots of people don’t feel right about “bothering” friends or neighbours and they’re not sure whether they really need to call the doctor. With Eldercare, you’re never a bother. They’re always there to listen - day or night. Because their experienced Control Centre Operators have your medical details, they can offer an intelligent and personalised service.<p><p>Just knowing that Eldercare is there gives thousands of people the reassurance to live the independent lives they desire. Many family carers report that, because of the safety and security that Eldercare provides, their relative now encourages them to take a break for a while and go away on holiday. Equally, carers feel confident in the knowledge that Eldercare is always available and they have all the information they need to get help for their loved one should they fall ill.