If you have trouble getting comfortable at night and find it a struggle to get out of bed due to arthritis, back problems or mobility issues an electric, adjustable bed could make a world of difference.  At the push of a button you control the shape of the mattress beneath you to raise your feet, knees and head and shoulders by varying degrees.  Leanne is a very special bed as its mattress includes Outlast® technology which was originally developed for NASA to keep astronauts at a consistent temperature in their space suits - luckily for us someone had the good idea to use the fabric in beds so we don't have to stick our leg out or throw the covers off anymore to stay cool at night! The Leanne has a soft mattress so is ideal for those who are frail or weak. The head-end can be inclined to a sitting position which can really help with getting out of bed. At Spring Chicken we think an adjustable bed should be part of your daily life to help you rest and sleep soundly.