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Confident living

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Confident living

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. The Eldercare Pendant Alarm Service empowers older people to live confidently, safely and independently in their own homes. If you need assistance, a touch of the pendant alarm puts you through to Eldercare's trained and experienced staff at their UK based Control Centre. They'll talk to you directly via the two-way base unit next to your phone. They’ll ask how they can help and either call a friend or relative or, if necessary, contact the emergency services. The friendly operator will stay on the line to offer reassurance until they're sure you're safe. If you can't speak back for any reason, there's no need to worry, they'll make sure that help is on its way. The pendant can be worn around your neck, on a wristband or clipped to a pocket. Once your call has gone through it flashes red and beeps to let you know that the Control Centre is springing into action on your behalf.

Families often start thinking about how useful a pendant alarm could be just as their relative is about to be discharged from hospital. We understand that, when it comes to getting the right care in place, you don't have time to hang about. So that's why, as soon as Eldercare receives your application, they aim to get your alarm to you within one working day.

It's so easy to set up and register that most families choose to do it themselves. Using the cable provided, you simply plug the base unit into the phone and into an electrical socket and it's ready to use. To register, simply fill in an application. Eldercare ask for the contact details of any friends or relatives who are happy to help in an emergency, plus any Key Safe details that may help the emergency services get to you more easily. They also ask you to provide some basic health information so that, when you get in touch, the Control Centre will know the types of health problems you may be experiencing and the sort of help you will need. You can rest assured that any information you provide will be held securely and treated confidentially.

If you would prefer some professional help to install and register for the pendant alarm, Eldercare is happy to arrange this for you. For a small charge a trained Eldercare engineer will visit, set up the alarm, help with the registration form and answer any questions you may have. Once installed the pendant alarm couldn't be easier to look after. You won't even have to change the batteries. When they start to run low the Control Centre will automatically send you a new pendant.

Following registration you can choose to rent the Pendant Alarm System for a 3 month or a 12 month period. Please make your selection from the drop down box.

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  • Touch operated Pendant Alarm for emergency assistance at home
  • Base unit with 2-way loud speaker and alert button connects to trained staff at the Eldercare Control Centre - 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Experienced staff offer reassurance and contact friends, relatives or emergency services as required
  • Pendant may be worn as a necklace, on a wrist band or clip
  • Shower-proof pendant
  • Pendant flashes red and beeps to show staff are responding to your call - works even if you can't speak to them
  • Easy to set up yourself - all cables and instructions supplied
  • Base unit plugs into the phone and an electrical socket with no disruption to your landline connection
  • Personal health and access information given at registration is held securely and used to provide an effective, personalised service
  • Eldercare Alarms can usually be dispatched within 24 hours of receipt your registration form
  • When your pendant indicates a low battery, a replacement device will be sent to you
  • 99% of users are satisfied or very satisfied and would recommend Eldercare to others
  • Full accreditation by Telecare Services Association (TSA)
  • Installation and assisted registration by an Eldercare engineer available - please select from the drop down box
  • Self-installation and postal registration: £30
  • Eldercare full installation, demonstration and assisted registration: £55
  • Additional pendants are available on request
  • Most people who need Telecare are eligible for VAT exemption on these items
  • Ideal when used in conjunction with a Key Safe
  • Control Centre notified and battery back up activated in event of a power cut
  • Available for 3 month or 12 month rental plus a one off registration fee
  • Please select your choice of rental and installation preference from the drop down box
  • Following 3 or 12 month contract payments are made by direct debit on a quarterly basis
  • If your circumstances change you may cancel the contract and return your alarm

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Confident living

For over twenty-five years families have trusted Eldercare to give them the care and support they need when it matters most. Eldercare knows that, as we grow older, it’s so important to lead independent lives in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. When we’ve not been well, home always feels like the best place to be. To make it work all we need is the right sort of care, and this is where Eldercare steps in.  Whatever has been arranged, be it regular visits from family and friends, the support of professional carers or just being sure to take it easy, the Eldercare Pendant Alarm Service has a vital role to play.<p><p>The Eldercare Pendant Alarm Service can be a real lifeline when it comes to an emergency situation. If you fall or become unwell it’s often not possible to get to the phone, but the pendant can be worn all the time, even in the shower. Just press the button and try to relax, safe in the knowledge that an ambulance is on its way. There’s no need to get up or to try to speak to anyone.<p><p>Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you need medical help right now or if you’re just a little out of sorts. Perhaps you live alone or you’re newly bereaved so there’s no one to discuss your concerns with. Lots of people don’t feel right about “bothering” friends or neighbours and they’re not sure whether they really need to call the doctor. With Eldercare, you’re never a bother. They’re always there to listen - day or night. Because their experienced Control Centre Operators have your medical details, they can offer an intelligent and personalised service.<p><p>Just knowing that Eldercare is there gives thousands of people the reassurance to live the independent lives they desire. Many family carers report that, because of the safety and security that Eldercare provides, their relative now encourages them to take a break for a while and go away on holiday. Equally, carers feel confident in the knowledge that Eldercare is always available and they have all the information they need to get help for their loved one should they fall ill.

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