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Spring Chicken Trusted Partner Stannah
  • Sleek and elegant
  • Fully enclosed glazed cabin
  • Range of luxury optional extras
  • No major structual work required
  • Stress-free installation in a matter of days
  • Local engineers on call 24/7

Make life easier

The Salise is an innovative new two-person lift designed specifically for the home. The lift has been designed to have a self-supporting structure that can be placed almost anywhere in the home and eliminates the need for extensive structural work. Virtually silent, the Salise is a fantastic new option to get from one floor to another conveniently.

Sleek and elegant

The Salise comes in a crisp white as standard with a fully glazed cabin. Finished with stainless steel trim the lift can be customised with a seat and different lighting or flooring options; you can even choose a colour for the cabin to match your décor.

Safety is built in with a number of features to give you peace of mind:

  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces stop the lift if obstructed from above or below
  • Safety locks won’t allow the lift to travel unless the door is safely closed
  • 30 minute fire integrity whether the lift is upstairs or down
  • Battery backup allows you to return to the ground floor safely in the event of a power cut

Installation takes just a matter of days and your quote will include all preparatory work which we will manage to our exacting standards.

Keeping things
running smoothly

As for all our products our locally-based service engineers are on hand day and night, every day of the year should you ever need them. All our home lifts come with a one year warranty, which includes two free services and once the warranty expires we are happy to offer a service package that will help your lift run smoothly for years to come.

Stannah Homelifts

A full range of home lifts

We also offer the Stratum home lift available in a range of sizes to accommodate seated or wheelchair users and step lifts ideal for access to front or back doors.

Stannah Homelifts
Stannah Homelifts

The Stannah Promise

We want our customers to be delighted with the product and service they receive from us and we commit to delivering quality products at a fair price, supported with first class service and being a company our customer can rely on. These commitments are the foundation of our promise to you, to be always true to our word.

The Stannah Promise

Don’t just take our word for it

We work with all the relevant industry associations so we can keep up to date with the latest developments and our customers can have the reassurance that they are working with a reputable business.

Buy With Confidence

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