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Stimulates appetite & promotes wellbeing in dementia sufferers

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Stimulates appetite & promotes wellbeing in dementia sufferers

ode helps stimulate appetite by wafting delicious cooking smells around the room just before meal times. Designed for people with dementia, ode increases appetite, encourages weight gain and a more varied diet. It stimulates conversation, evokes memories and reduces social isolation.

People with dementia not only experience a decreased awareness of routine and increased isolation, they often find their senses of smell and taste are not as good as they were. This is a disastrous recipe for weight loss which can lead to both mental and physical deterioration.

ode has been developed by perfumers and flavourists to bring you enhanced versions of the most delicious food smells: aromas that pervade your senses and your room, even if you’re a long way from the kitchen. ode plugs in next to your chair or bed. One capsule emits three different fragrances three times a day for two hours each session: breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are two different menus to choose from: Original or Nostalgic, each featuring one savoury and two sweet dishes. Original comprises delicious orange juice, warm bakewell tart and comforting homemade curry. The nostalgic menu includes zingy pink grapefruit, tempting black forest gateau and a meaty braised beef casserole. Customer feedback shows that savoury aromas work best in the evening, but everyone's different and you're free to mix and match to see which fragrances tempt you most. You simply insert the capsule, set the timer, plug in and ode will work for up to three months.

Families who have used ode say that users come out to the kitchen at meal times and ask about food. They tend to eat more and may even try new things. Trials show that 50% of those tested gained an average of 2kg in eleven weeks.

One of the most encouraging aspects of ode is its ability to evoke memories in dementia suffers. Smells tap into the part of the brain that deals with memory and emotional response. Therefore a food aroma not only gets the gastric juices flowing, ready to eat, but can send you right back to a vivid memory of a person or a moment in time. Families say that this gives them plenty to chat about. What’s more, ode, with its tasteful curved lines, looks great in your living room and creates a wonderful homely environment.

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  • Fragrance releasing appetite stimulant
  • Supplied with 3 months' worth of food fragrances
  • Designed for dementia sufferers
  • Helps stimulate appetite
  • Can lead to weight gain
  • Encourages a varied diet
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Evokes memories
  • Developed by perfumers and flavourists
  • Based on research into benefits of fragrance therapy on the wellbeing and weight gain of dementia sufferers
  • 50% of those tested gained 2kg in 11 weeks
  • 3 fragrances: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fragrance released in three 2 hour sessions on adjustable timer
  • Two menus to choose from: Original or Nostalgic - please select from the drop down box
  • Original: orange juice, cherry bakewell, homemade curry
  • Nostalgic: pink grapefruit, blackforest gateau, braised beef casserole
  • One Ode suitable for a standard sized domestic living room
  • If you're buying for a Care Home and your room is bigger than 17m x 17m (56 ft x 56ft) you'll need 2 Odes
  • Product dimensions (DxHxW): 19cm x 11.3cm x 11.5cm (7½" x 4½" x 4½")
  • Non toxic and non flammable
  • Safety extra low voltage power supply
  • Do not ingest
  • Fragrance refills available - search SC02338
  • Patent pending

Spring Chicken Review

Stimulates appetite & promotes wellbeing in dementia sufferers

This stylish, well-researched product works on quite a simple principle: smelling food makes you feel hungry. When something smells delicious it feeds into a primitive part of our brain that get the gastric juices physically flowing ready to eat food - we feel hungry. And of course it works. It's been developed for dementia sufferers in order to compensate for the reduction in their sense of smell and of taste. Yet there's so much more to it. Another reason that dementia sufferers experience eating problems is because they have often lost perception of the time of day and ordinary routines. Ode helps give aromatic clues that a mealtime is approaching. This means that when they are asked to come to the table they're ready to go. Families and carers report that Ode helps prevent often lengthy and distressing discussions about whether or not it's time for dinner. At Spring Chicken we think anything that gets families together is a good thing. Families say that Ode's fragrances sometimes prompt mum or dad to reminisce: they will become more engaged and animated in conversation. This is backed by scientific evidence that shows that smells connect to the brain's limbic system and therefore can stimulate memory and emotional response. Ode is simple and safe to use, and it comes with three months' worth of delicious fragrances.

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