MP3 Simple Music Player For Dementia

Lift the lid on a medley of memories

A easy to operate music player designed to help improve memory and responsiveness in people suffering from dementia by allowing them straightforward access to their specially selected, favourite tunes. Simply load the tunes onto the MP3 player via a cable that is supplied.
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Lift the lid on a medley of memories

An easy to operate music player designed to help improve memory and responsiveness in people suffering from dementia. Playing your favourite tunes couldn't be simpler: lift the lid to start the music: close it to turn it off. To change the track simply hit the large button under the lid. Family and friends may download specific music chosen for the meaning it holds for the individual.

Designed in collaboration with Designability (Bath Institute Of Medical Engineering), the Simple Music Player is the product of research and testing carried out in nursing homes into the therapeutic effects of music on those who suffer from dementia. Research shows that when people with dementia are played their favourite music they become more responsive, less confused and can be encouraged to talk about their memories and interact more effectively. Not only do listeners show clear enjoyment of the music, but it seems that the stimulating effect on the brain continues for a little while after the music has been turned off. This can give immense benefit and pleasure to both users and their families.

Most people with dementia are unable to operate modern music playing devices and the value of the radio is limited because it plays a broad selection of music that, for the majority of the time, will not hold meaning for the listener. The Simple Music Player works to address both these issues.

To tackle problems with working a music player, the Simple Music Player has a familiar retro design. It's highly durable and incredibly simple to control: just lift and lid to play. To minimise confusion there are no dials, no choices to make and nothing that can be adjusted. It's also made from robust material with rounded edges, so it's easy to handle and difficult to break. Designability's research found that lifting the lid to start the music is intuitive, even for people who find it challenging to follow basic instructions. This may be due partly to the retro design of the music player. The lid-lifting operation reflects they way in which old fashioned radiograms worked. The older person therefore finds the simple music player familiar and unthreatening and they may be drawing on old memories to work it. A carer may change the volume, using a pencil-point hole, so it's impossible to adjust it accidentally.

With Simple Music Player a family member or carer can carefully select the music, choosing tunes that hold meaning and evoke memories for the listener. Research shows that this approach offers the most benefit. Music is downloaded to the Simple Music Player, using the USB cable provided, in various common file formats. Simply plug in the USB cable and drag and drop the files you require. The Simple Music Player comes with some example tracks from the wonderful Big Band era to get you started.

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  • Music player for people with dementia

  • Retro design for familiarity
  • Simple operation: lift lid to play, press big button to change track, close lid to stop music
  • Constructed from wooden enclosure with high strength plastic covering
  • Loudspeaker grill: reinforced steel mesh with cloth covering
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Wipe clean
  • Durable and robust
  • Volume to be adjusted by carer
  • To adjust volume, use a pencil or similar to press a button underneath the player and hold for 5 seconds
  • Extensively tested and trialed by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering ("Designablility")
  • Headphone socket at rear
  • Includes some example tracks
  • Download your music using the USB cable provided
  • Simple drop and drag function - no software required
  • Compatible with Windows and Apple devices
  • Memory capacity: 2GB
  • Music format: MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WMA files
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 19cm x 11cm (11⅘" x 7.5" x 4⅓")
  • Power requirements: local mains supply
  • Power consumption: less than 700mA at 9V
  • Amplifier: 6W
  • High quality circular cone: 9cm (3.5") in diameter
  • Colours: red or green
  • Made in Wales, United Kingdom

Spring Chicken Review

Lift the lid on a medley of memories

This robust and easy to operate MP3 player is designed for dementia sufferers. Modern music players can be confusing to operate. With this in mind the Simple Music Player has been scaled right down, so only the very basic functions are available: on, off and change track. The user lifts and closes a lid to start and stop the music. To modern users this may seem like an unusual way to operate a device, but for many older people who were brought up with a radiogram research shows that this is a more natural, intuiative way to start the music. Everything else is up to a carer or family member. They are in charge of the volume via a small hole in the bottom and tracks can be downloaded from a PC using the USB cable provided. The Simple Music Player is the result of extensive research and trials with dementia sufferers. It has been shown that when dementia sufferers listen to familiar music the mental stimulation can help them become more responsive and, depending on the severity of their condition, perhaps start to talk about the memories associated with the music. At Spring Chicken we are thrilled to recommend this simple, clever and thoroughly tried and tested deivce.

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