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The smart way to organise your medication

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The smart way to organise your medication

This smart wallet contains seven pill modules each with four compartments. It helps you organise your medication and carry it discreetly with you. The modules are clearly marked with the days of the week and each compartment is annotated with the time of day in bold, easy to read writing and symbols. There are also raised dots on the underside of the compartments so you can tell, by feel alone, from which compartment you are taking medication. This is ideal if you are visually impaired. The modules are particularly roomy and they open with a simple, smooth sliding motion - easy to handle even if you suffer from pain and reduced dexterity. The sliders move in two directions; one way reveals the three daytime compartments and the other, just the night time compartment. This is designed to help avoid confusion and over dosage during the night. This pill wallet can take up to fifteen pills per compartment, so it really helps you keep on top of even the most complicated medication regime. There's a medical chart included so you can write down all your important health information and emergency contact details.

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  • Attractive pill box wallet
  • Leatherette wallet contains 7 removable pill modules marked with the days of the week
  • Each module has 4 compartments marked with times of day (morning, noon, evening, night)
  • Each compartment can contain up to 15 capsules of standard size
  • Easy to use, soft touch sliding mechanism
  • Opens in two directions: daytime and night time to avoid confusion at night
  • Secure popper fastening
  • Both raised dots, symbols and easy to read words indicate time of day - ideal for the visually impaired
  • Removable modules so you can carry just one day's medication if preferred
  • Includes chart for important medical information and emergency details
  • Space to store your prescription
  • Available in 2 colours: red or blue
  • Dimensions of wallet: 15.3cm x 13cm x 4.7cm (6" x 5⅛ x 1⅘")
  • Dimensions of module: 13cm x 4cm x 2cm (5⅛" x 1½" x ⅘")
  • Compartment size: 3cm x 3.7cm x 2cm (1⅕" x 1½" x ⅘")

Spring Chicken Review

The smart way to organise your medication

At Spring Chicken we are impressed by this smart leatherette pill case. Open the popper fastening to reveal a tidy line of removable pods, each marked with the days of the week. Each pod slides open to give four generous compartments clearly displaying the time of day. There's room for up to 15 pills in this case . A quick calculation reveals that even if you have to take up to 60 doses a day this is big enough. Genuinely easy to open and made from beautifully soft material. We're not saying you ever really enjoy something so mundane as taking medication, but this certainly helps keep everything neat, tidy and manageable.

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