Compact Air Humidifier

Breathe freely

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Breathe freely

This compact air humidifier disperses super-fine water droplets into the air to help keep it at optimum humidity. If you suffer from allergies, breathing difficulties or dry skin this should help alleviate your symptoms. It's recommended especially in the winter months when the air can be cold and dry. The LB44 humidifier is small and quiet enough to operate in a bedroom. Gone are the days when running a humidifier meant having a big machine churning away in the corner. The 2.8 litre water tank is removable so it's easy to refill, the water level is visible from the outside of the tank and the humidifier will switch off automatically should the tank run dry. It can benefit rooms measuring up to twenty five metres squared and it uses very little energy so it's cheap to run.

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  • Quiet air humidifier - ideal for use in the bedroom
  • Helps those with allergies, flu, cold, breathing problems and dry skin
  • Suitable for room up to 25m2 (27 yards)
  • Micro-fine ultrasonic atomisation
  • Humidification output: up to 220ml per hour (0.5 pints)
  • Removable 2.8 litre (5.9 pints) water tank
  • Water level visible
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Automatic safety switch off if tank is empty
  • Includes cleaning brush
  • Low energy: 20 Watts
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 28.8cm x 16.7cm (14½" x 11⅓" x 6½")
  • Weight: 1.8kg (4lbs)
  • Available in black or white


Technical description LB44 Compact Air Humidifier

Spring Chicken Review

Breathe freely

For optimum air quality the humidity should be between 40% and 60%. This is not always possible, especially in the winter, and it can lead to dried out nose, throat, sinuses, skin and also increased problems with breathing and allergies. Users find that the LB44 makes a big difference after just a couple of days. It's virtually silent and so ideal for the bedroom. It helps you sleep more comfortably

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