Insomnia Low Light

Insomnia-friendly nightlight

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Insomnia-friendly nightlight

The Insomnia Low Light is a slim, touch operated LED light box for your bedside table top. This stylish, practical accessory emits a warm glowing light in your bedroom. The low light intensity will not disturb your sleep, yet it is bright enough to give you peace of mind on waking at night and to provide a focus in the room, so you're safe to reach for your water or medication.

It's specially designed and extensively tested in collaboration with Designability (The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering) to help older people who suffer with insomnia. Their research shows that older people are more likely to experience insomnia and resulting sleep deprivation than any other group. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Often health problems such as arthritis, prostate problems, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnoea, to name a few, mean that you often find yourself awake in the night and unable to get back to sleep. Yet research shows that anxiety also plays a large part. This can be especially problematic if an older person is sleeping in an unfamiliar environment such as a nursing home. The temptation is just to sleep with the light on - it's convenient and you feel safe and less confused. However, having a bright light on at night sends the wrong signals to your brain so that you find it harder to get back to sleep and you never achieve deep sleep. This results in sleep deprivation which slows reactions, exacerbates health problems, effects your mood and actually accelerates dementia.

The Insomnia light is safe to keep on all night long and it won't disturb your sleep. It's controlled by a touch sensitive panel with a choice of light intensities. If you wake in the night, just touch anywhere on the front panel to turn it on or off. The light intensity is controlled via the two "bright" and "dim" touch zones and it remembers its previous light setting when it's switch off . If you prefer you can leave the light on all the time as its LED lighting system uses very little power and the light is hardly noticeable in the day time. It is tough, scratch resistant and spill proof, with a textured, non-slip surface, so you are safe to place your water, medication, glasses or book on top of the lit surface.

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  • Blys™ bedside light
  • LED lighting system creates warm glow to provide a focus of light in the room without disturbing sleep
  • Ideal for older people who like the security of a light at night
  • May help insomnia sufferers to achieve deep sleep
  • Based on research carried out by The Insomnia Project - a collaboration with 7 universities and Bath Institute of Medical Engineering ("Designability")
  • Front touch panel controls: on/off and light intensity
  • Front panel should be positioned not facing the bed in case of accidental activation
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 25cm
  • 4 non-slip feet
  • Surface: textured, spill-proof, scratch-resistant
  • Requires mains power supply
  • Low power consumption: less than 700mA at 5V
  • The unit does not get hot, even at the maximum brightness

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Insomnia-friendly nightlight

This beautiful LED lighting system brings a wonderful warm glow to the bedroom and creates a really modern yet homely feel. A stylish light with a serious, practical purpose: it helps combat insomnia. If you suffer from the misery that is insomnia you'll understand how long and lonely nights can seem. To put a light on makes you feel better temporarily but it only prolongs the agony as you find it difficult to get back to sleep and you never really achieve a deep sleep. This means that you ( and often your partner) are deprived of sleep which can have a negative impact on your long term health. The Insomnia light is a different sort of light. It operates at a very low intensity so it's safe to leave on all night and it will not disturb your sleep. It sits on and covers your whole table top and acts as a convenient lit surface for all your bits and bobs. So, if you wake in the night, you'll be can see enough to have a quick drink of water from your bedside table and dose off again. More than just a light, this offers reassurance, security and a good night's sleep.

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