Having trouble getting up and down stairs?
Here are some options...

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A stairlift is a well-known way of staying independent in your home when you start to find that getting up the stairs is not as easy as it used to be. Attached to a rail that is fixed to your stairs, a stairlift can be installed within a matter of hours.

At Spring Chicken we have researched the market to help you decide whether a stairlift is right for you.

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  • Use alone if you can get on and off by yourself
  • Can be installed in just a few hours
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Virtually no re-sale value and can cost to get it removed
  • On view in your home
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A stair climber is a less well known solution to getting up and down stairs. It is a portable ‘trolley’ fitted with rotating wheels so that it can be guided up or down stairs. The advantage of a stair climber is that you can take it with you wherever you go in the knowledge you’ll be able to get up just about any stairs.

Read our guide to find out whether a stair climber is right for you…

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  • No installation required
  • Portable so can be used outside of the home
  • Can be used with a wheelchair
  • Has a re-sale value
  • Always needs a second person to guide the stair climber
  • Battery needs to be regularly recharged
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A home lift seems like a luxury you couldn’t afford – but you’d be surprised - we certainly were! These through-floor lifts can be fitted just about anywhere in your home, with a minimal amount of building work required. A home lift is attractive, discreet and quiet..

Read our Spring Chicken guide to see if a home lift is right for you…

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  • Carries up to two people (and a pet or vacuum cleaner, if required!)
  • Takes seated and standing passengers
  • Can add value to your home
  • Takes between 3 - 12 weeks from order to be made and installed.
  • Is the most expensive option to combat the stairs!
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