Heated 7V Jacket

Warm and snug

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This product is eligible for free delivery. This product is eligible for free delivery.

Warm and snug

If you're a wheelchair user or suffer you from bad circulation or arthritis, cold weather can stop you getting out, taking exercise or just doing every day things. This heated jacket keeps you warm and frees you to get on with your day, however cold it is outside. It has four heated elements positioned in just the right place to keep out the cold: two on your chest, one on your back and one at the collar. The two 7 volt batteries can be recharged to provide enough power to keep you warm and cosy for hours at a time. Nice and warm for some can feel far too hot to others, so the integral temperature control with five settings lets you adjust the heat to suit. The arms can be removed to transform the jacket into a stylish waistcoat.

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  • Heated jacket with removable sleeves
  • 4 heating elements: 2 at the chest, 1 on the collar and 1 on the back
  • Built in temperature controller with 5 heat settings
  • Made from soft shell material
  • Sleeves remove with zippers to make a waistcoat
  • Current: 2,2A / 15,4 Watt
  • Surface Temp: 57°C +/- 2°C at 0°C
  • Includes 2 7 Volt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and 1 dual charger
  • Charges in 3 - 5 hours - green light indicates when ready
  • Uses Microwire® heat technology
  • Available in sizes XX small, X small, small, medium , large, X large, XX large, XXX large
  • Colour: black
  • Battery capacity: 100% - 2 hours, 75% - 3 hours, 50% - 5 hours, 25% - 10 hours
  • Battery capacity depends on the temperature outside
  • Ideal temperature: less than 5°C
  • If temperature outside rises, the temperature of the jacket may become uncomfortable and you may risk burns
  • Spare batteries and charger available


Technical description To extend the battery life, always keep the batteries at least 25% charged

Spring Chicken Review

Warm and snug

If you're a wheelchair user or if you suffer from bad circulation it's easy to get very cold very quickly, but it's not so easy to warm up again. This heated jacket equips you for the cold, so you can get on with your day a usual. It spreads warmth across your back and chest and the heated element at the collar is in just the right place to keep chilly breezes at bay. The rechargeable batteries keep going for up to ten hours, depending on the conditions outside. If you're likely to be out all day it's a good idea to buy the extra battery kit. That way you can keep a couple of spares with you to make sure that your jacket stays beautifully warm all day long.

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