It may seem like a luxury to have a lift in your home, but they’re surprisingly quick to install and they’re cost effective, especially in comparison to moving house. Home lifts have an astonishingly small footprint and are designed to blend in with your home and décor. Most ordinary houses will be able to find a spot for one. A home lift can carry up to two passengers at once, seated or standing – and it’s a great way of getting the washing basket safely down the stairs!

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Our Trusted Partner

Home lifts come in two main types - one can accommodate up to two passengers, the other is designed to accommodate one passenger seated in a wheelchair. Home lifts vary in style and can be customised to blend into your home décor.


Lift for up to two passengers

These lifts are suitable for two standing passengers - some models can have a flip down seat so one person can sit. Lifts are also ideal for transporting heavy objects like a vacuum cleaner or precious cargo like a pet!

  • Through to one floor only
  • Compact design - very small footprint
  • Bespoke colours and finishes available
  • 3 - 12 week lead time from order, depending on lift selected
  • Can add value to your home


Lift that can take a wheelchair

These lifts have been designed to take one passenger seated in a wheelchair. A home lift is a great way for a wheelchair user to stay independent in their own home.

  • Through to one floor only
  • Compact design
  • Bespoke colours and finishes available
  • 3 - 12 week lead time from order, depending on lift selected
  • Can add value to your home

Every home is unique so the best location for your lift will be different from someone else’s – so the only way to get a accurate price is to have a home assessment. Both our trusted partners give you one price that includes everything: the cost of the lift, all building work to install the lift and even painting the ceiling and walls at the end to ‘make good’. By the time they leave you will not know they have been... except for your sparkly new home lift! All cost indications are ex VAT.


Lift for up to two passengers
Lift & installation
complete cost from £9,990

Key factors that affect cost

  • Building costs will be dependent on the location of the lift
  • Bespoke colour and finishes
  • Additional extras such as interior grab rails, and fold down seat
  • VAT exemption for most users


Lift that can take a wheelchair
Lift & installation
complete cost from £10,990

Key factors that affect cost

  • Building costs will be dependent on the location of the lift.
  • Bespoke colour and finishes
  • Additional extras such as interior grab rails, and fold down seats
  • VAT exemption for most users

When it comes to installing a home lift there are a number of lift options to choose from depending on your mobility. As the lift will travel between two floors there is building work that needs to happen – but as the footprint of the lift is small the extent of the building work needed is minor. Both our trusted partners manage the whole process end to end – their quote will be for the complete cost of building work, lift and installation. If you think that a home lift could be for you, we recommend that you arrange a free, no obligation home visit as there is no other way to get an accurate quote for your home lift.


Get more information

Get a brochure to look at in the comfort of your own home. If you have questions talk directly to our partners or call Spring Chicken and we’ll be glad to help

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  • Request a brochure direct from our partners
  • Call Spring Chicken and talk to us in confidence on 0800 980 3961
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Arrange a Home Visit

If you use our partners you can book and enjoy a home visit knowing that you are under no obligation to buy. The home visit will take between 1-2 hours. As everyone’s home is unique there is no other way to get an accurate quote for your home lift

  • Have a friend or family member with you on the visit, it helps you to remember all the questions you want to ask and it is good to reflect with someone after the visit
  • The surveyor will assess the best place in your home for a home lift and take you through the range of lifts suited to your needs and all optional extras available
  • Discuss delivery, installation, warranties and aftercare
  • After the home visit the surveyor will send a written quotation, which will include all costs including building work


Review your "personalized" quote

You will be emailed or sent a written quote which will have the full cost of installing your selected home lift. Your bespoke quotation will include details of the cost of the lift, all building work needed and warranty and service options, with absolutely no hidden costs.

  • A clear breakdown of your choices and requirements
  • Full details of the building work needed
  • Details of your warranty and service options
  • There is no obligation to buy
  • Take as much time as you need. When you’re ready to go ahead, just call up
  • If you don’t wish to pursue a home lift just let our partners know and they will not call you again


Get your home lift installed

When you are ready to get your home lift installed just call up the number on your personal quote and arrange a convenient date for the installation to start. The earliest start date will have been discussed at your home visit but it can be within 3-12 weeks depending on the lift you have selected.

  • Building work and installation takes between two and four consecutive days
  • The engineers will bring a vacuum cleaner with them, so all mess from the building work is cleared up
  • Don’t feel you need to make them a cup of tea. They’re pretty self-sufficient
  • Once the engineers have finished fitting your home lift they will spend as much time as you need showing you how to use it. They will only leave when you tell them that you feel fully confident and all your questions have been answered

My house is quite small. Will there be room for a home lift?

You’ll be surprised at how small the footprint is for a home lift, our partners will work with you to find the right place to install a home lift in your home.

How much space will the home lift take up?

Home lifts come in varying sizes but the smallest has a footprint of just 0.62 square metres (6.74 square feet).

How much does a home lift cost?

The cost of a home lift very much depends which model you choose and the complexity of the building work required. See our “What will it cost” section.

Do I have to pay for my home assessment?

No. All home assessments are completely free of charge with no obligation to buy. It is the only way you will find out whether a home lift is right for you, so we suggest you get both our partners to assess your home and discuss which of their products would be best for you.

Will the lift need to be fitted on a load-bearing wall?

Our partners lifts work on a system which is a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift is carried in compression through the rails into the floor of your home. It does not, therefore, add any extra weight burden on your home and its walls.

Are home lifts noisy?

Home lifts are not noiseless, but they are not very loud either – making them great to use at any time of the day or night.

Can a home lift travel through more than one floor?

They only travel through one floor – although you can have more than one home lift if required to get to other floors.

What safety standards will my home lift have?

It will carry the CE mark and is tested to current European legislation.

How do I know if I’m buying a home lift from a reputable company?

If you use our partners you can be assured that they will not use pressure selling techniques and will only sell you a lift if they feel it is the right solution for you.

How long does it take to install a home lift?

It takes between two to four consecutive days to install a home lift.

What happens if the lift gets stuck?

Our partners have never experienced this. However the units are not completely sealed so there is constant airflow, and the charge in the batteries would safely return the lift to the ground floor. We recommend regular servicing by the installer to keep your lift in tip-top condition.

Do I need to use a builder to install my home lift?

No – both our partners do all the building work for you. This is all included in the quotation given to you after your home assessment.

What is the lead time if I decide to go ahead with a home lift?

It depends on which lift you choose and how customised you want your lift to be, but normally lifts can start to be installed anytime between 3 - 12 weeks from the point you order it. As your home assessment the partner will discuss the lead time for your chosen lift.

Do home lifts have doors?

Yes. The home lifts are fitted with doors.

What happens if there is a power cut? Will my lift still work?

Yes. Home lifts are equipped with a battery backup facility which means your lift will descend to the lower level until the power returns. One of the added extras you might want to consider is paying for an uninterruptable power supply. This gives you enough power to make several trips up and down during a power cut.

What happens if something gets in the way of the lift?

The lifts have a safety mechanism that ensures the lift stops until the obstructions moves e.g. a pet!

How do I control the home lift?

The person travelling in the lift controls the lift by pressing buttons in a very similar way to controlling a commercial lift. There is a button for travelling up and a button for travelling down – you only need to press the button once to activate it.

Is there a maximum weight that the home lift can carry?

Most home lifts are restricted to carrying a maximum weight of 170kg (27st or 375lb). Weight limit sensors are fitted into the lift and the lift will not move if the weight limit is exceeded.

Will my electricity bill increase dramatically?

You should not notice any significant increase in your bill. The lifts vary slightly in running costs – the cheapest to run delivers 10 journeys for the same cost as boiling your kettle; the most expensive lift to run costs around £2 a month in electricity.

Will my home lift have a warranty?

Our partners offer warranties, which you can extend if you wish. This will all be discussed at the home visit.

Will I have to take out a servicing agreement with the home lift supplier?

Our partners offer varying levels of servicing agreements which they will discuss with you at your home visit.

Can I get VAT exemption?

Yes, it is possible to gain VAT exemption on the supply, installation and all associated works when having your home lift installed, if you meet the criteria set out by the government for VAT exemption.

Who can be VAT exempt?

VAT exemption is for those who suffer from a disability and/or a chronic or terminal illness. VAT exemption cannot be claimed for a frail senior person who is otherwise able-bodied or any person who is temporarily disabled or incapacitated for example, they have a broken bone.