3 x Flutter Butter Refills - Original, Fruity or Buggy

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They've eaten it already!

Birds go crazy for the taste of Flutter Butter and they don't even understand how good it is for them. This no-salt peanut butter comes in a handy 330g jar and it's formulated especially to give birds all the protein and nutrients they need. There are three tasty flavours: Original, Fruity or Buggy. The original is packed full of enough nutty goodness to keep birds going through the harshest winter. The Fruity flavour in brimming with juicy berries that birds love, setting them up nicely with the essential vitamins they need. "Buggy" it may not sound quite so appetising to us, but for birds this the pinnacle of fine dining. It includes all the insects birds dream of presented to them beside a well-appointed perch.

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  • Choice of 3 Flutter Butter 330g (11.6 oz.) Refill Jars
  • Bird-friendly no-salt peanut butter - packed with protein and other nutrients that are essential to birds' health
  • Easy to fit and replenish - jar slides directly into feeding capsule and twists securely into position
  • Original flutter butter made from nutritious no-salt peanut butter
  • Fruity Flutter Butter made from no-salt peanut butter with added vitamin filled berries
  • Flutter Butter Buggy made from no-salt peanut butter with added insects for protein
  • NB: Ordinary peanut butter is harmful to birds
  • Please make your selection from the drop down box

Spring Chicken Review

They've eaten it already!

Stock up on supplies of Flutter Butter for all the hungry birds in your garden - they just can't get enough of the stuff.<p><p>These beautifully presented jars of Flutter Butter look good enough to eat. But don't be tempted! Insect-enriched peanut butter will do us no more good than our salty version does the birds. This ingenious bird feeder is so much more practical than ordinary seed feeders. You simply insert the whole jar horizontally into the feeder, then remove it when the birds have finished. No seed to spill and no fiddly mechanisms to deal with. Sure to attract a variety of hungry birds from near and far.

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