Easi-Grip Garden Tool - Long Reach Cultivator

Caring for the garden and the gardener

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Caring for the garden and the gardener

If you enjoy gardening but suffer from mobility problems and painful wrists, hands and fingers this ergonomically designed, long handled cultivator can help you keep on top of the weeds whilst caring for painful joints.

There's no need to bend to reach and you can even garden from a sitting position. It's lightweight, easy to grip (even for painful fingers), and the handle is set at 90 degrees to the cultivator. This encourages you to keep your wrist straight and use the strength in your whole arm. That way there's no painful twisting motion and the load is evenly spread so you don't put strain on individual joints. For extra support you have the option to add a wrist cuff. This fits to the cultivator and gives extra comfort and stability to the wrist - ideal for arthritis sufferers. (Please select from the drop down box.)

This beautiful tool is made from durable stainless steel with a colourful easy-grip handle. For many years of safe gardening.

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  • Ergonomically designed, long handled garden trowel with pistol-style handle
  • Firm, comfortable grip
  • Enables gardening for those with back problems and painful and weak finger, hand and wrist joints
  • Enables gardening from a seated position
  • Encourages a safe and natural wrist motion for reduced pain and strain
  • Recommended for arthritis sufferers
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Wrist cuff available for extra support - please select from the drop down box
  • Lightweight
  • Length: 80cm (30")

Spring Chicken Review

Caring for the garden and the gardener

If you suffer from arthritis or mobility problems gardening may not be as easy as it once was. However, a few small changes to the way you work may mean you (and your garden) don't need to miss out.<p><p>Gardening is great exercise, but it's important to change tasks regularly and take breaks so you're not putting too much strain on any particular part of the body. Once we start on a job, the temptation is to finish it come what may. In fact it's healthier to do ten minutes of weeding for example, move on to a bit of pruning or digging, then return later.<p><p>Using easy grip tools can help too. These are better for the finger joints. They help to reduce strain and distribute impact so you can work more comfortably and help prevent long term damage.<p><p>For many people long handled tools make gardening more manageable. Being able to reach into the flower beds without bending puts less strain on the knees, back and hips. Get hold of a stable garden stool and you can even garden from a sitting position.<p><p>For those suffering with joint pain in their fingers, wrist and arms, using garden tools with ergonomic "pistol-style" handles and a supportive cuff can be an effective way to care for these hard-working areas. They help keep your wrist straight as you work and they encourage the use of your whole arm. This gives you increased strength and protects the wrist from impact or any unnatural twisting motion.<p><p>Whether your passion is for dahlias or daffodils, tomatoes or potatoes, following these simple guidelines and using the right sort of tools can mean years of happy gardening.

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