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Dyna-Band® Get Fit For Golf

Feeling a little under par?

Product Code: SC02660

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Feeling a little under par?

Tone up your golfing muscles and get back on par with this Dyna-Band® set designed specifically for golfers. It includes a green (medium strength) and a purple (heavy strength) Dyna-Band®, a set of accessories and an instruction manual with recommended exercises to help you improve your game. The Get Fit For Golf set helps you improve your strength, fitness, balance, posture and flexibility, increasing your club head speed and driving distance and decreasing your risk of injury. It's particularly useful in assisting with rehabilitation following an injury.

The accessory pack includes The Clip, The Assist Strap, The Ankle/Wrist Cuff and The Cushioned Web Handle. These help you to use the Dyna-Bands® more comfortably and effectively and increase the number of exercises you can perform.

The Clip clamps the Dyna-Band® securely at the desired length, so there's no need to tie and untie the band. This is ideal for people with dexterity problems, caused by arthritis for example, who may find tying the band fiddly and frustrating.

The Assist Strap enables you to anchor the Dyna-Band® securely around your hand, wrist, foot, ankle or even a doorknob, fence post, bannister or chair. It opens up a whole range of new resistance exercises and means you don't have to tie your band.

The Wrist/Ankle Cuff is ideal for people who have painful hands and a weak grip. Made with padded nylon webbing, a metal D-ring and secure hook and loop straps, the cuff fits comfortably around your wrist or ankle so you don't have to hold onto the band while exercising.

The Cushioned Web Handle makes shoulder and arm exercises more comfortable and effective. The handle attaches to the band giving you a secure, non-slip grasp. Again, this is ideal for people with weak and painful hands.

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  • Dyna-Band® golfing pack helps build the flexibility and strength you need to improve your game
  • Includes green (medium strength) and purple (heavy strength) Dyna-Bands®, exercise instruction manual and full Accessory Pack
  • Improves comfort and effectiveness of Dyna-Bands®
  • Green: medium strength for beginners looking to increase flexibility and tone. Good for sports warm ups, Pilates and aerobics
  • Purple: heavy strength for experienced resistance exercisers who want to build up strength and endurance
  • Accessory Pack increases the number of exercise you can perform
  • Makes gripping easier, No need to tie the band
  • Includes: The Clip, The Assist Strap
  • The Ankle/Wrist Strap, The Cushioned Web Handle

Spring Chicken Review

Feeling a little under par?

If injury or lack of fitness hold you back on the golf course, this Get Fit For Golf Pack could help improve your game and maybe even beat that tricky, competitive guy who always seems to come out on top - you know the one. It uses gentle resistance exercise and you take it at your own pace - safe and easy. It includes guidance on which exercises are best to increase your posture, balance, flexibility and stamina and to get the best out of your swing. It comes with a green Dyna-Band® and a tougher purple band so, as you become stronger, you can continue to challenge yourself. The handy accessory pack helps make the bands easier and more comfortable to use. They're especially useful if you have a weak grip or painful fingers.

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