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Independent living

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Independent living

Canary is a sensor-based monitoring system designed to help people stay safely and independently in their own homes as they grow older. It allows relatives and carers to keep a gentle eye on things whilst respecting the user's privacy.

Canary offers two packages; The Standard system with four room motion sensors and the Premium System, which has an additional two sensors, specifically to mount on 2 separate doorways to monitor movement in and out of entry/exit doors.

For the Standard system, just place the four sensors in the rooms most often used. They monitor movement, and uniquely, light and temperature. The information then feeds back to the central plug in hub. All you need is a mobile phone signal. No intrusive cameras or sound is recorded.

If you are concerned about your relative leaving their house at unexpected times, or leaving the doors open to the property, the Premium system can alert you to such activity. Choose the two doors you want to monitor and place the door sensors are alongside a magnet and activity (door opened or door closed) is recorded when the sensor and magnet lose or regain contact.

The data is converted into a real time graph of activities that can be viewed by relatives on a computer or phone. It's easy to see which sensors have been activated and then you know that mum or dad is up and about and getting on with their day. If anything unusual happens, for example there is no activity after 10am, or the door is opened between 10pm and 7am, you will be alerted by text or email. Chances are everything's fine, it's just your cue to pick up the phone or call round.

The built in temperature sensor lets you know that mum or dad are warm enough. Users say that this can be the first clue they get that something's gone wrong with the heating. The integral light sensor indicates whether or not the curtains have been pulled or if perhaps the light's been left on all night. Harmless occurrences, but perhaps suggesting all's not as it should be.

Canary also includes Visitor Cards. When a regular visitor calls they hold their card to the hub that registers their visit. It's a great way to make sure that carers or cleaners are turning up as expected as well as ensuring there's plenty of company calling round.

Set up is simple. Just plug in and follow the easy instructions in the set up booklet to ensure each sensor is connected. Then just go into your computer to follow the instructions and create your own alerts and settings. There doesn't need to be an Internet connection at your parent's home, but a mobile phone signal is necessary. This system is easy and satisfying to use. It has attractive graphics and, with its mobile phone compatibility, it fits well with modern living.

Both our packages include a choice of either a 3 or 12 month subscription to the Canary service, after which Canary will contact you to arrange a further subscription as required.

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  • A discreet movement sensor-based monitoring system
  • Infrared sensors in each room monitor movement, temperature and light levels
  • No cameras or sound
  • Creates graph of activities and displays it on relatives' or carers' phone or home computer
  • Indicates that a parent is moving around as usual and alerts you by text or email if anything is out of the ordinary
  • Monitors light and temperature
  • Includes visitor cards so you can tell if a carer, cleaner, friend or relative has called as expected
  • No internet at parent's home necessary
  • Standard system includes: 4 room sensors, hub, batteries, contact strips to affix sensors, visitor card and set up booklet
  • Premium system includes: 4 sensors, 2 door sensors, hub, batteries, contact strips to affix sensors, visitor card and set up booklet
  • Includes all costs associated with mobile communication, monitoring and interpretation of data ad SMS and email
  • To install just plug in and wait a few seconds for connections signal
  • Mobile phone reception necessary - works in 99.5% of UK homes
  • All data is encrypted and held securely - conforms to Data Protection Act 2003

Spring Chicken Review

Independent living

We put a high value on staying in our own homes as we grow older. It's great to be able to live independently for as long as possible. Yet, as health problems crop up, there are challenges and well-meaning relatives can't help but worry. Sometimes you just want to reassure yourself that mum's had a good night and she's up as usual, but you don't want to bother her or appear to be checking up on her. Canary allows relatives to keep a quiet eye on things without invading anybody's privacy. There are no cameras or sound recordings involved, just sensors. The sensors, (sensing movement, light and temperature) are placed in the rooms used most often. The data feeds back to the hub and in turn to the user-friendly display viewed via a mobile phone or computer. You can see that mum's left the bedroom and gone into the kitchen as usual. You can also see that she's warm enough and she's opened the curtains.  You'll be alerted if there are ay unusual patterns of behaviour. It means that when you do ring up you don't have to waste time on the boring stuff like, "What time did you get up?" or "Have you eaten this morning?" You can just enjoy a chat.

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