Calmer By The Water DVD

Take time out to relax the natural way

Calmer By The Water is a tranquil escape to the commotion of the modern world. Proven to relax those that suffer from a variety of mental health conditions, this DVD is full of tranquil sights and sounds from nature.
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Take time out to relax the natural way

Experience the relaxing sights and sounds of nature in your own living room with this glorious DVD. Proven to calm people suffering from a range of health conditions from Alzheimer's and dementia to autism and some mental health problems, this beautifully filmed DVD captures scenes from nature. There's no story to follow, so it's ideal for people who suffer from dementia who may not be able to follow a narrative. Calmer By The Water helps you find tranquillity through the natural ebb and flow of life on the water. See the duckling's first frantic paddlings under their mother's watchful eye. Lose yourself among the swaying reeds at the water's edge and wonder at the rare wetland flowers. Listen to the lapping water as you glide across a vast calm lake on board a shiny sailing boat. Be the sole observer of the young seals as they play and peak at the proud swan enthroned on her nest. The ultimate way to relax away from the noise and commotion of the modern world. Click on the Video tab to enjoy a taster of the DVD.

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  • Water themed nature DVD
  • Helps calm and relax
  • Ideal for dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers
  • Running time: 1 hour
  • Released 2013



Spring Chicken Review

Take time out to relax the natural way

Get back to nature with a Calmer By Nature DVD. If you're a nature-lover you'll already be aware of the restorative powers of a visit to the countryside.  But can a nature DVD really help people to relax? At Spring Chicken we find this DVD mesmerising! With no story to concentrate on and no one trying to teach you anything you can just sit back and let the sights and sounds wash over you. It's so refreshing it's almost like going on a little holiday. 

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