C500 Keysafe - Police Approved

Focus on security

This police approved key safe is a really high quality piece of equipment.
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Focus on security

This is the only police approved key safe. It has undergone rigorous testing devised by security experts to ensure that it's as attack resistant as your front door. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel with thick zinc-alloy shell and heavy duty locking mechanism, it achieves an impressive Level 1 security award. It fixes to the external wall of your home, holds up to six keys and opens with a simple pin code. Without the code it's virtually impossible to break into. It features a black rigid cover to protect the key safe from the elements and hide it from view.

So, why use a Key Safe? In an emergency situation, such as a fall, it is a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment. If used in conjunction with a Telecare alarm, the emergency services can access your house quickly and easily, without having to search for a key holder. This means you get the medical help you need as quickly as possible and the emergency services can access your property without forced entry, which can be costly to repair. You may also find a Safe Key a useful tool if you need to give friends, family or carers independent access to your home because health problems make it difficult for you to get to the door. Simply give them the key code and they can let themselves in without disturbing you, plus you won't have the risk and expense created by lots of sets of keys floating about. Care agencies usually recommend that a key safe is fitted as it makes visits so much easier. Another great advantage of the Key Safe is that it's impossible to lock yourself out! We've all done it, but with the Key Safe there's no need to hide a key under the door mat just in case, the key is always on the outside of your house and it's always secure. The Key Safe is also a great way to allow people in to do cleaning or tend to your pets while you're out or on holiday.

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  • Police approved key safe with pin code
  • Level 1 security award: LPS1175 (equivalent to front door of the same standard)
  • Independent security rating
  • Stores up to 6 keys depending on type and dimensions of keys
  • Integral hook for easy access to keys
  • Up to 4000 possible combinations
  • Change code as often as you like for added security
  • Rust and water resistant in temperatures from 32°C to 68°C
  • Includes rigid black cover for protection from weather and for added security
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel with thick zinc-alloy shell
  • Includes a set of self tapping masonary screws to install onto any brick or concrete surface
  • Includes extra long screws so that the Key Safe can be attached to a rendered surface without removing the render
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 15cm x 8cm x 6.3cm (5⅞"x 3⅛" x 2½")
  • Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 8cm x 5cm x 2.2cm (3⅛" x 2" x ⅞")


Technical description
  • To retain police accreditation the C500 must be installed into bare brick or dense concrete, not breeze block or mortar
  • Fixings supplied

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Focus on security

This police approved key safe is a really high quality piece of equipment. You can leave your keys securely inside and access them via a unique pin code.  Ideal if you tend to lock yourself out or if you need to allow carers, friends or family to let themselves in without disturbing you. Potentially lifesaving in an emergency. Simple to install and easy to use.

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