Washing Aids

Even as we get older, it’s still vital to have good health and hygiene. However, washing ourselves slowly becomes harder and harder the older we get. Here at Spring Chicken, we want to make washing safer and easier for low mobility users so we have a huge assortment of washing aids that will come to great use to you. Do you have trouble reaching places to wash on your body? Maybe you have a cast that can’t get wet and have trouble keeping it dry in the bath or shower. One of our long handled brushes or cast protectors will be excellent washing aids for you to get your hands on so check out our range now. Find the best foot scrub brush for you today which will allow you to clean your whole foot thoroughly, including in-between your toes. The long handle will allow you to achieve a great clean without the need to bend over too much so pick up your favourite one now. Why not go all out and get your hands on our fancy 15 piece pamper spa set to get that ultimate clean all over your body? Discover our huge range of washing aids here at Spring Chicken and pick up exactly what you’re looking for now.