Rails & Grab Bars

Bathrooms can be quite dangerous if you’re not feeling as steady as you used to, especially after having a bath or a shower. The floors get wet, the room steams up, and everything becomes very slippery. When growing older, getting in and out of baths and showers can be daunting and even frightening as it’s a lot harder to stay sturdy and keep your balance. Here at Spring Chicken, we believe that everyone should feel safe wherever they are in their home. We want to take away the worry by offering our grab rails and bars to you in order to give you that extra bit of help. Whether you’re looking for fixed or detachable additions to your bathroom, our rails and bars will be the perfect items for you to pick up today. You will no longer need to worry about slipping or falling again as the strong pieces of metal will provide you with all the help and support you need. Are you looking for something a bit subtler for your bathroom? Our 2-in-1 rails and bars can function as a towel rail, a corner shelf or a soap dish too, resulting in your bathroom looking the same as any other but still suiting your needs. Don’t miss out on this chance to make life that little bit easier for yourself and be sure to pick up one of our grab rails or bars today.