Why, when you get older do you have to get up in the night to have a pee?

DR Rob HicksHelp with Hearing

Rob HicksDr Rob Hicks, the Spring Chicken GP says:

There are a number of reasons for this and if it’s happening then seeking medical advice is a good idea to establish if treatment is needed for an underlying condition, and also to make life a bit better by not having to get up so often, which in itself can disrupt sleep.

As we get older the body makes less anti-diuretic hormone, a chemical whose role is to reduce the amount of urine made at night. Consequently, with less of this hormone available more urine is produced.

In men enlargement of the prostate gland is often responsible for needing to get up and pee – often many times – at night. In both men and women an overactive bladder, bladder infections, or diabetes may be the reason. Also, drinking too much liquid close to bedtime, sleep problems – since when awake we are more likely to be aware of the need to pass urine – and the side effects of any medication being taken, may be the cause.