What clothing is causing trouble? 

Sock Aid

There are many different types of dressing aids that help with many different types of clothing. For example, if you only have trouble putting on socks then here are products that can help with just socks. However, there are also products that can help with more that one thing.

Struggling with buttons and zips? 

If you are having trouble with buttons or zips then there are many Zip Hookproducts that can help. There are buttonhooks that grasp buttons to help button up a shirt or jacket. There are also products that grip zippers or make the zip bigger and easier to hold. There are products that are two in one and help with both buttoning and zipping up jacket or shirts.

Trouble bending down to put on shoes?
Shoehorns are helpful tools that avoid the need to bend down to put onShoe Laces shoes. Long ones are most helpful as they allow you to stand or sit without having to put the strain on your back while bending down. Putting shoes on can also be made easier with elastic laces that
can stay tied and stretch.

Need help to reach and grab jackets or shirts?

Dressing Stick

Dressing sticks can be helpful so that you don’t have to reach around your back to grab a jacket or shirt in order to put it on. They allow you to grab the clothing from a comfortable position, which can decrease the strain on the body