General Questions

Do I require an electric bed?

There are a large range of electrical beds that can help your mobility in the bedroom. Depending on what help your require there are beds that can prop you up to ones that can help to rotate and move you out of bed. An electric bed is an investment and if you consider it to be too expensive there are other items that can help to make the bedroom an easier place to be.

Do I need a bedside rail?

There are many different types of bedside rail. Most are just simple metal bed rails that give you support when getting in and out of bed. Others are portable and adjustable to suit your needs. Some have attachable organisers in order to keep things near you while in bed, for example the TV remote or a book.

Do I need bed raisers to heighten my bed?

Bed raisers are put underneath the feet of the bed in order to heighten the bed and make it easier to get in and out of bed. They come is many different styles and materials (plastic, wood, etc.).

Do I require an over-bed table?

Over-bed tables are great for working or eating in bed or in a chair. It creates a flat surface where you can place things in order to make you more comfortable when you are lying in bed or sitting in the living room. They are also good for using a laptop, as it will reduce the health risks.


Do I need waterproof bedding?

If you have had trouble with incontinence then you might want to consider investing in some waterproof bedding, as it will make it much easier to clean. The waterproof bedding will protect the sheets and mattress underneath. There are also waterproof duvet and pillow protectors. Most waterproof bedding will be made so that it doesn’t make any noise when you move around.

Do I need special pillows?

Memory foam pillows are available and they give your head and neck more support putting less strain on your back especially if you sleep on your side. They will also improve neck position and back alignment.

Do I need cooling or warming bedding?

There are cool pads for mattresses and pillows, which remove heat from your body while you sleep to keep you cool during the night and make sure that you don’t overheat. Think blankets to put on top of the duvet at night will keep you warm during the cold winter months. There are also fleece sheets that are warmer than regular cotton sheets to help keep you warm.