General Questions

What is the purpose of an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is made so that you can prop up your head and/or feet in order to have more comfort when lying in bed.

How much will I spend on an adjustable bed?

The size of the frame of the adjustable bed is the main part that determines the price of the bed. If the frame is thicker or larger then the bed will be more expensive. Most adjustable beds will cost between £1000 and £7000 depending on the frame, the size, the mattress and its features.

When thinking about getting an adjustable bed, don’t think about the price before you have decided on what type and size of bed that you want.

How do I assemble the bed?

This depends of the type of bed that you are getting. If the bed frame is thicker then the bed will be heavier and therefore the assembly will be more difficult. You should know how to assemble the bed or know if someone will help you assemble the bed before you buy it. Make sure that the bed comes with an instruction guide so that you will be able to assemble it when it arrives or ask someone to help you.

What size adjustable bed do I want/need?

Adjustable beds are available in single, double, divan or bedstead options.

Do I need a splash proof motor?

A splash proof motor means that if the motor gets wet then it will still function. This can be really helpful if anything is spilled on the bed or you have an incontinence problem.

What is the difference between the frame of a traditional bed and an adjustable bed?

The bed frame is the foundation. It supports the mattress and holds the motor. Where traditional frames are made out of wood adjustable frames are made out of strong metal like steel. This makes them a lot heavier than traditional frames, but they are stronger.

How thick do I want the metal of the bed frame to be?

The gauge, or thickness, of the steel is extremely important for the bed frame. The thicker the steel, the heavier the load the bed can carry. High quality adjustable bed frames, use exceedingly thick steel. Cheaper bed frames usually skimp on the heavy steel and choose lighter gauges. While this helps keep the price low, using low gauge steel means that the bed frame isn’t very strong. Over time, it will deteriorate as more weight is put on its frame and lose its ability to support the mattress correctly. You will notice your bed is not as comfortable as it once was.

What material do I want the rollers to be made of?

The rollers are also another crucial part of the bed frame. They help to support the mattress and move the bed at the same time. Rollers can be made out of wood, metal, or nylon. Out of all of these, nylon is the quietest material and also happens to be the one that lasts the longest. Beds made with wooden or metal rollers tend to squeak as they are adjusted into place. They also create more friction, placing extra stress on the motor, and don’t last as long as nylon rollers.

What type of mattress will I need for the bed?

The mattress is the second most important part of the bed (behind the frame). There are three main types: air chamber, memory foam and inner spring. You should buy whichever one feels the most comfortable and gives you the most support.

What size mattress do I need?

This will depend of the size of bed that you get. The mattress should fit in the frame and should also stay in place when the bed head is raised or is not in a horizontal position. Have a look at the recommended mattress measurements for the bed that you decide to buy. This will give a good idea of the size of mattress you should get.

What features are available to me?

There are many different features that can come with an adjustable bed. Beds can have massage features, moisture management, and pocketed springs. Have a look at the features of each bed that you are looking to buy to make sure that it has everything that you want.

What kind of warranty is there for the bed?

Adjustable beds usually come with a warranty, and this warranty is designed to address all issues with the motor. After all, if the motor stops working, the bed is no longer adjustable.