General Questions


Do I want my recliner chair to have electric or manual control?

There are two kinds of recliner chair. Some chairs have a lever that you have to manually move to get the chair to recline others recline and lift at the press of a button. Manual chairs will need more strength and effort to recline and come back to a sitting position. They may also not have a lift function (the chair will lift up making it easier for you to stand up from a sitting position).

Do I want a chair that is lift only?

This type of chair will not recline it will just help you stand up from a sitting position by lifting up the seat so that it is easier to sit down and stand up. There is no negative side of getting this chair if this is all you need or want, but a chair that reclines as well will give you more choice as to howyou want to relax and allow for more comfort when you want to lie back and watch TV instead of sit up straight.

Do I want a chair where I can adjust the cushioning?

Some chairs allow you to adjust the cushioning by adding or taking away padding. This can help with the comfort of the chair and can also give you more support when you need it.

Do I want my chair to have a single or dual motor?

Chairs with single motor means that the backrest and the footrest are controlled with one motor, so that they move together. The footrest will move until it is parallel with the seat and then the back will start to recline. These can also have the lift function as well as a 3-way action (lift function, back rest reclines, foot rest elevates). These will usually have 2 buttons. Chairs with dual motor will have a number of buttons (usually 4-6) that can control the back and foot plate individually as well as having the lift function. These will provide more choice of posture.

Do I require a recliner chair that can be close to the wall?

There are some rise recliner chairs called wall-huggers that allow the recliner chair to be put close to the wall so as not to take up as much space, but still allow the user to get to the fullreclined position. This is best if you have a smaller space.

Do I need a tilt-in space recliner chair?

A tilt-in space chair enables you to be tilted forwards and backwards in the chair while maintaining the position of the knees and hips.

How big do I want my recliner chair to be? 

The size of the chair will affect your support and comfort that the chair will provide. You should consider the height, depth, and width of the seat and the height of the back in order to maximise your support and comfort. The correct chair size will give you the best benefit and can help improve circumstances immediately.

What kind of material do I want my chair to be made from?

There are many different chairs and you can choose from having a leather chair or a fabric chair. Your choice depends on what you find more comfortable. Leather is easier to clean as it can just be wiped down, but a fabric surface might be warmer.

How do I want the chair delivered? 

Always check the company's delivery policy thoroughly before buying. Although a company may advertise free delivery and for the following day, the vast majority of companies will deliver their Rise Recliner Chairs by a national courier which is a problem for older people. Courier drivers are not insured to enter your property and only allowed to deliver parcels to your door. You will then have to carry the box into your house and whichever room you want to set the chair up in. Once unpacked you will then have to install the chair and check the manual on how to use it. 

What kind of warranties and guarantees are provided?

Some companies do not advertise a warranty. Check if they have any sort of callout charge or spare parts fee. If something were to go wrong with your Rise Recliner, some companies will charge you for the part that needs replacing and possibly charge you for coming out to fix your
chair which may not be for a few weeks.