General Questions

Do I want Halogen or LED light bulbs
Halogen gives a bright white light, the light warms up instantly, and the bulb has a lifetime of approximately 2000 hours based on a usage of 3 hours per day. The bulbs can get extremely hot and care should be taken when handling. LED is a relatively new energy efficient technology that is rapidly developing. LED gives off a warm white light, the bulb has a lifetime of approximately 20,000 hours based on an average use of 3 hours per day. The bulbs have a long lifetime but are
expensive to replace.

How do I want to turn it on and off?
Most lights have an on off button, but the placement of this button can sometimes be frustrating. Some lights (especially table lamps and floor lamps) will have an on/off switch that is attached to the electrical cord. This means that you might have to lean in order to reach it. Others will have a push switch in the top of the light under the lampshade, which will put your arm into an awkward position. The third type of
on/off switch is actually on the base of the lamp making it easy to reach without having to strain your arm. This is especially good for table lamps.

Do I need it to be portable?
Some lamps can be moved from room to room for different activities. These can be great for hobbies that have fine details such as sewing. It can make the details easy to see while also being able to move around the house. Portable lights are also great if you feel you need extra lighting to read a menu at a restaurant or when you are at a friend’s house. Some portable lights are also foldable so can easily fit in your bag.