General Questions

Do I miss calls because I can’t hear the phone ringing?
If you have trouble hearing and miss calls you should think about a phone that’s louder or has a light that that flashes when the phone rings.

Do I have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the line?
If missing speech frustrates you then there are solutions at hand. There are phones that can change the volume of the conversation. There are phones that are just loud and so are easier to hear. Phones are also available with hearing aid support so that it’s not uncomfortable to talk on the phone.

Do I have trouble calling someone because I can’t see the numbers on the phone well?
If you have problems with your sight and the numbers on the phone are blurred there are home phone with larger buttons or larger numbers which are easier to see. Other phones speak so you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to dial a number.

Do I want speed dial?
Speed dialing is a very helpful tool particularly when you are calling the same people often. It saves time and effort trying to dial the number. It also stops you worrying about forgetting a number because it is already saved in the phone. Phones can also have pictures of the people that you often call so it
makes dialing easier.

Do I want to have an emergency button on the phone?
There are home phones that have an emergency button that call 999 or your emergency contact if there is a problem at home. There are also phones that have a separate control that can be carried with you wherever you go in the house. This has a button on it that when pressed sends a signal to the phone
and then calls the person that you would want to call in an emergency. This can be really helpful if you have a fall and cannot get up to get to the phone.