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Fulfilling creative activity for all

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Fulfilling creative activity for all

If you have a friend or relative who is living with dementia you'll know how hard it is to find activities to do together - worthwhile amusements that help you engage and communicate naturally with each other.

Aquapaints are reusable, pre-printed painting canvases. To produce a beautiful picture all you need is water. Just brush the water over the surface to reveal a colourful, high quality design that looks almost 3D. As it dries, the picture fades, ready for you to have another go.

The specially chosen drawings feature familiar favourite animals: a butterfly, a goldfish, a peacock, a kitten and a horse.

The beautiful images are appropriate for all ages and they can be enjoyed by people suffering from even severe dementia. They're fun to do and you can't help but take pride in the stunning results. Users find that they help to call happy memories to mind and they give plenty of ideas for conversation.

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  • Set of 5 animal themed aqua-paint canvases: butterfly, goldfish, peacock, kitten, horse
  • Create a beautiful picture using water alone
  • Reusable
  • Creative and fulfilling activity designed for dementia sufferers
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Encourages conversation and stimulates memories
  • Can help to improve dexterity
  • Fun and satisfying
  • Combats depression and isolation
  • Size 26cm x 21cm (10¼ x 8¼)
  • Brushes not included

Spring Chicken Review

Fulfilling creative activity for all

Aquapaint is a creative product which has  been tastefully designed and well-made.  Based on evidence from trials with dementia sufferers, research shows such activities improve the standard of care and quality of life, reducing social isolation and relieving boredom and depression.<p><p> Aquapaint is  suitable for all abilities so everyone gets a real sense of achievement - something that's key to experiencing a good quality of life. Not only does it build self esteem but it promotes greater social engagement.  Activities such as Aquapaint often bring detailed memories flooding back and encourage fascinating conversations that  would never otherwise take place. This valuable activity provides a positive and enjoyable way to spend time together. 

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