13 Piece Dementia Jigsaw - Orient Express

A puzzle for steam enthusiasts

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A puzzle for steam enthusiasts

Train and travel enthusiasts alike will love this classic image of the glorious Orient Express. This majestic luxury steam train pushes onwards through town and country as it carries its glamorous passengers on a journey of a lifetime. It can't fail to capture the imagination.

This beautiful puzzle is designed to be enjoyed by dementia sufferers and their friends, relatives and carers. Research shows it helps to encourage conversation and provoke memories thereby combatting social isolation, loneliness and depression.

It's been thoroughly tested to ensure anyone can have the sense of achievement that comes with finishing a puzzle without help. The picture is pre-printed on a sturdy, framed board onto which all the pieces fit, so it's quite easy to see where the bits go. The image has been chosen for its clarity and appeal - it's easy to see as well as being aesthetically pleasing and providing an interesting talking point. It's made from plastic and the image is printed directly onto the pieces, so durable and easy to clean.

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  • 13 piece Orient Express jigsaw puzzle
  • Printed onto plastic - durable, easy to clean, non-peel surface
  • Place pieces within frame on top of the pre-printed picture
  • Achievable and fun
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Can help improve dexterity
  • Stimulates memories and encourages conversation
  • Combats isolation and depression
  • Suitable for people with a visual impairment
  • Size: 29cm by 40cm (11⅖" x 15¾")

Spring Chicken Review

A puzzle for steam enthusiasts

This Jigsaw has been carefully researched, developed and tested to provide an engaging, interactive and fulfilling activity for those suffering from dementia.<p><p>This puzzle and the others in our range of Jigsaws for Dementia Suffers are suitable for all abilities so everyone gets a real sense of achievement - something that's key to experiencing a good quality of life. Not only do they build self esteem but they promote greater social engagement. Activities such as doing a puzzle together often bring detailed memories flooding back and encourage fascinating conversations that they would never otherwise have had. This valuable activities provide a positive and enjoyable way to spend time together. 

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